Metamucil Daily Fiber Supplement Review

Metamucil Daily Fiber Supplement Review

No matter if you live in America, Europe, or any country, the chances are that you are not getting enough fiber. With all the fast food going around and all the processed food, people no longer really care about eating healthy.

The problem is that healthy, cooked food has fiber. Processed junk food, on the other hand, has almost no fiber. A couple of days of eating just processed food, and we’ll be sitting on the toilet all day, trying to put out a “soldier” that refuses to leave the field.

Metamucil Daily Fiber Supplement On Counter

Yes, that’s right: no fiber equals constipation. Still, thanks to today’s ingenuity, we have the option of fiber supplements. To ensure that we get the right product for our taste, diet, and budget, we will review the Metamucil daily fiber supplement.

About The Product

Many doctors recommend Metamucil as one of the best colon cleansers that you can go for – but they also advise that you get a prescription for the correct dosage. You can get the product without consulting a doctor, but you may still want to ask their opinion.

This product is mostly used for weight loss programs. Not only does it help you digest and eliminate the food much faster, but it also has the ability to cut down on the hunger.

You will feel satiated, and will, therefore, feel less inclined to snack between meals. This means you will consume fewer calories per day – which will aid in your attempt to lose weight.

This supplement is also a good option if you are constipated or have loose stool. The fiber will work to build up the stool, softening it or hardening it, depending on the case. The result will be a pleasant bathroom trip that won’t feel like punishment.

Plus, the Metamucil fiber supplement has the ability to lower up your cholesterol levels – therefore decreasing the chance of cardiovascular problems. It can also maintain healthy blood sugar levels – therefore decreasing the risk of diabetes. Overall, here is what you need to know about the Metamucil Daily Fiber supplement:

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    It uses 100% natural psyllium husk powder
  • check
    It cuts down the feeling of hunger between meals
  • check
    It helps lower your cholesterol level
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    It promotes the production of good bacteria
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    Several flavor options (orange, pink lemonade, berry, etc.)
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    2.4 grams of fiber per portion

As you can see, this is not only a great product to improve the health of your gut, but it will keep it that way, as well.

The Results

Considering that it has only 2.4 grams of fiber per portion, you only get the average dose that most supplements bring. However, since the main source is psyllium husk, the fiber is the highest quality out there.

This fiber supplement is sweet to the taste, and it doesn’t generate any gag reflex. Considering that it tastes like juice, it is actually pleasant to drink.

Metamucil Daily Fiber Supplement Facts

You do, however, have to make sure that you get the one with the natural sweeteners – since they have options with artificial sweeteners as well.

You may, however, opt for the Metamucil fiber supplement that has no sweeteners whatsoever. The problem is that since there is no sweetener, the taste may be lacking.

There were no actual Metamucil side effects worth mentioning, aside from a little flatulence. However, this can be avoided by starting with small dosages. This way, your body will have the time necessary to adjust. 

What Others Say

Most of the people who have tried the Metamucil supplement claim that the product works just as advertised and that the effects were immediate. Those who had symptoms of constipation or diarrhea received almost immediate relief.

They did say that since this is a fine powder, it takes more time to go through the system. If it were coarse, it would have probably taken less time to get to the stool. Still, the general opinion is that if you take it once or twice a day, you’ll get regularity.

This also made a number of people lose weight, since it helped them digest the food and pass the stool much easier. They do, however, recommend that you drink plenty of water; otherwise, the Metamucil will not really take effect.

What We Liked

We liked the fact that Metamucil was easier to drink, thanks to its flavor. Once you add it into the water, it will become like a smoothie that is surprisingly tasty.

The best thing about the Metamucil fiber supplement, however, is that it does keep your stool going regularly. Plus, since it gives you a feeling of fullness, you’ll no longer be eating that much.

What We Didn’t Like

While we do enjoy the taste, the fact that it contains so much sugar is a matter of concern. Many people take fiber supplements because they want to lower their blood pressure.

However, due to the number of sweeteners that this product has, you’ll have to avoid Metamucil if you have high blood sugar. 

Buying Advice

Metamucil is available on many websites at an average price of $25, give or take. While it may not be as affordable as other “budget” options, you do have to keep in mind that the dosage for this product is much higher.

Metamucil Daily Fiber Supplement


You can find this product on Amazon from a number of sellers. Some offer free shipping, some offer some pretty good discounts, while others offer both. You may want to do a little bit of research before settling on a certain seller.

Final Thoughts

The Metamucil Daily Fiber Supplement may have its flaws and it may be a little sweet for some people’s taste, but it certainly gets the job done. It’s recommended by many users high and low.

If you have problems with your stool or simply want to shed a few pounds, you may go on a Metamucil supplement treatment. Plus, the supplement is fairly tasty, so you’ll just feel like you are treating yourself to a smoothie.

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