Yummi Bears Fiber Supplement Review

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Adults are not that picky. Generally, if they know that they have to take medicine or supplements, the worst they can do is make a face before gulping them down. They can realize for themselves that supplements are necessary – so they do not complain.

Kids, on the other hand, are more difficult to deal with. At that age, they don’t really care or know anything about vitamins or staying healthy – so unless it tastes good or looks attractive, you probably won’t have any luck getting them to eat it.

Yummi Bears Fiber Supplement

For this reason, we have decided to review the Yummi Bear fiber supplements. We’ll see whether they have nutritional value or not – and if kids will actually accept them.

About The Product

The Yummi Bears fiber supplements are a good way to maintain the digestive health of your child, all while making this a pleasant experience for them. This natural prebiotic will prevent your child from being constipated or having loose stool.

The bottle contains a total of 60 gummy bears. Depending on the dosage you give to your child, these can last you one or two months before you will need to get a refill. The full recommended dosage is two gummies per day, taken at different times.

These gummy bears were made to be tasty for your kid – which is why you have several flavors to choose from. Plus, unlike other packs that have only one flavor, this one is a mix of orange, strawberry, pineapple, and grape.

Furthermore, these gummies are allergen-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Therefore, if your child has an intolerance or an allergy, giving him or her one of these gummies will not cause them any problems.

  • check
    1 bottle with 60 gummy bears
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    Assorted flavors: grape, orange, strawberry, and pineapple
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    Dairy, gluten, and allergen-free
  • check
    Natural prebiotic
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    Packed with vitamins that enhance the immune system
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    They improve the digestive tract of the child

As you can see, these gummy bears not only look and taste good, but they can also be great in offering your child all the necessary nutrients.

The Results

Considering that these gummies were made from all-natural ingredients, they are a good way to offer your child a detox without depriving them of the necessary nutrients.

Each gummy has enough fiber to enhance your child’s digestive system; however, you may want to avoid going past the recommended dose of two gummies per day. If the child is under 6, you may want to stick to one gummy per day.

Yummi Bears Fiber Supplement Facts

Since this supplement does not have ingredients of animal origin, it’s also suitable for vegetarians. Even the gelatin in them has a Chia seed pectin base enforced with vegetarian Omega-3. The taste is good enough to fit the preferences of pretty much every child – especially the picky ones. The green ones are particularly tasty.

Furthermore, the fact that it also packs various vitamins and nutrients is a plus. This way, you won’t have to confuse yourself with multiple supplements. Just one or two of these gummies every day will be enough.

The sweeteners are natural, so it’s a good thing if you are not big on candy for your children. Plus, there’s no placebo effect; these gummies will actually keep your child’s bowels moving.

What Other People Say

Many people claim that these gummies are perfect for their children. Their flavors are sweet enough to pass off as sweets – even though they are not necessarily candy. The result is most of the time good, with the child having a proper bowel movement.

There were some people that claimed their kids crinkled their nose or refused the gummy. However, this mostly depends on how picky your child is. The majority accepts them; it’s only a problem if the child is a special kind of picky.

Unlike other fiber supplements for kids, these seem to be easier on the stomach. There were no claims regarding stomach aches or other side effects. This is most likely due to the fact that they are natural.

What We Liked

We liked the fact that these gummies are basically organic – regardless of the fact that they look like something you would have pulled from the candy store. Plus, the variety of flavor makes them perfect for children or every age.

We also liked the fact that these gummies are vegetarian – so regardless of your diet, you can still use them. Plus, they seem to work well enough even if mommy or daddy takes them.

What We Didn’t Like

While the taste may be good on the spot, it still tends to have a metallic aftertaste. This is probably why some children refuse the gummies; they don’t like how their mouths feel afterward.

Buying Advice

These gummies can be purchased from many places – including your local drug store. Look for the places that offer you the best discounts, because some stores may sell them at a much higher price.

Yummi Bears Fiber Supplement

Source: pharmaca.com

If you buy them from online websites, however, you may get a better deal. Amazon, for instance, sells them at around $10 (give or take) per bottle, and you may have them delivered to a large number of countries.

You also have numerous sellers to choose from, so you may want to do some browsing first. Once more, look for the ones that offer lower prices, discounts, or even free shipping. The latter is a good option if you live far away from the main store.

Final Thoughts

The Yummi Bears fiber supplement is a good and tasty way to ensure that your child develops properly. Not only does it have the fiber necessary to provide adequate bowel movement, but also the vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

They are tasty, they look fun, and they will likely prevent every child from throwing a tantrum whenever it’s “supplement time.”

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